How do I edit a post?

There are two types of post edits you can perform on Triberr.

  1. Editing Posts owned by you
  2. Editing Posts owned by others

If a post is owned or authored by you (which means it’s imported into your Triberr profile) you can select the settings cog beside the headline of each post. Then a dropdown will appear providing different options. Most notable is the option to edit the headline and content of the post. When you select the edit post option you’ll be lead to a What You See Is What You Get Editor or WYSIWYG Editor. There you can make the necessary edits and either save changes or cancel changes.

Triberr edit post owned by youtriberr wysiwyg editor

The second type of post edit you can perform is editing a post that is not owned by you. When a post is not owned by you, the only options including editing the share text and promoting the post. You can access these options by select the same settings cog located to the right of each posts’ headline.

edit post not owned by you

Edit Post Share Text



Last Updated: 17 days ago

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