How do I share posts on Triberr?

Sharing a post on Triberr is probably one of the simplest social sharing process on the web. However, there are some nuances you should be aware of so that you can capitalise on the power of Triberr.

Firstly, Triberr gives you the power to share using custom sharing settings. This means that if you have multiple social network accounts with different niche interests you can join niche specific tribes and the assign specific social networks to those tribes. The important take away is that you have the ability to create custom sharing segments on Triberr based on the different communities you join and the different social network accounts you have attached. To manage your social sharing settings navigate to the settings area. Then select the plus icon because tribes assigned. After which a modal will appear including a list of the tribes you’ve joined. You can select of deselect social accounts to share to based on each individual tribe.


select tribes assigned


tribe settings

However, if you choose to share directly from your home screen as opposed to the Tribal Stream Triberr will share to your default account settings listed in your settings area under “My Social Networks”

My Social Networks


You should also select the frequency of sharing for each social network. This will tell Triberr how often you want to share a post to that specific network.

Once you ensure your settings are correct you can then simply navigating to any stream and click the add to queue button. The item will then be added to your queue and shared to the assigned social networks based on the sharing frequency you selected.

add to queue

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