How to upload a screen shot as an Influencer campaign milestone


Most of the time you can track a campaign milestone completion by giving a URL to the completed activity, but there are times when a screen shot or image upload is necessary.

Start by tracking the activity like normal.

1) Go to the campaign dashboard, and click the ‘Activity’ tab. Then hit the ‘Track Activity’ button.



2) Give your activity a title. It’s usually a post title, or a short description of what you did. 

3) Make sure to include a URL.
In most cases it will be a direct link to the page you’re taking a screen shot of, but in some cases you may just want to use a top level domain like

4) Select which milestone you’re completing. 


5) After you submit your milestone, you’ll have the option to upload an image on the next page.
You can either click on the gray box to upload a file, or you can drag your file right into the box from a folder on your computer.



6) You’ll see a progress bar as your file uploads.
After the upload is complete you’ll see a thumbnail of the uploaded file along with a green checkbox. When you see the checkbox you know your file has successfully uploaded.


Congratulations. You have successfully uploaded an image along with the activity you are tracking.


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