I’m New To Triberr, What Should I Do?

Generally speaking the main features of Triberr are

  • Tribes
  • Promote
  • Curate
  • Queue.

All of these features work together to help you promote and curate content efficiently.

The very first thing you should do is setup your account or profile.  This guide will help you set your profile up properly https://help.triberr.com/complete-your-profile/

Then I would begin joining Tribes to become more familiar with Tribes in general. The basic concept is your connecting with real content creators who share the same interests as you. The more tribes you join the greater your ability to be seen and of course get more content shares from other tribemates.

There’s a really good guide created by one of our members Alok Rana on how to get started with Tribes https://www.loudtechie.com/triberr-guide/  The tips he provides are very good in terms of how to grow and join tribes to get more content shares organically.

You should also have a good understanding of how The Queue, Curate, and Promote work. Reading these 3 Guides below will prepare you to see the all different opportunities available on Triberr to smartly systemize your marketing stack.

1 . The Queue – https://help.triberr.com/introduction-to-triberr-queue/

2. Triberr Promote – https://help.triberr.com/promote-post-triberr/

3. Curate – https://help.triberr.com/introduction-triberr-curate/

Triberr is an extremely robust tool. However, keeping it simple is important so here are 3 basic concepts that will help you avoid information overload

1. Tribes helps you build more influencer online through content sharing and engagement. The more you engage (i.e. comment on posts, ask to be a part of a tribe, share posts from Tribemates, etc.) the more you grow.


2. Promote showcases / features your content to influencers who are looking for quality posts to share.

Promotions amplify your content’s visibility by placing your posts at the top of influencer sharing streams.

3. Curate helps you create custom sharing streams for nearly every source imaginable (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, IG, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS sources, Triberr Categories, People you follow on Triberr). You can create complex sharing groups or simply share to all your social accounts. If you’re searching for a method to post more high quality content while not having to create it all yourself Curate is a great solution for you.

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