I’m New To Triberr, What Should I Do?

What Is Triberr?

Welcome to Triberr!  Triberr is a diverse marketing platform that can enable influencers to increase their reach, but at it’s core it’s a platform centered around groups of like-minded individuals, called Tribes.

How a Tribe Works

In practice a tribe contains a group of content creators. The tribe is managed by a chief. Inside each tribe, content creators import their content (i.e. blog posts or Youtube videos). Each time a tribe mate publishes a post or video it is then imported into the tribe. When a tribemate logs into Triberr they can view and share content. Content from tribes are visible in on both the global stream (the Stream Page) and individual tribe pages.

The video below is brief overview of the concept of tribes.

What are the main functions of Triberr?

Generally speaking the main features of Triberr are:

  • Tribes – the core of Triberr, a network or group of content creators
  • Promote – Allows you to promote your content and surface it to the top of the stream of posts.
  • Curate – A powerful feature that allows you to find new content outside of the Triberr Eco-system, either in blogs, social channels, even keyword alerts.
  • Queue – A sharing system to allow you to share the content you find useful inside of Triberr to your social networks (currently Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)

All of these features work together to help you promote and curate content efficiently.

What Should I Do to Get Started?

Step 1: Connect Your Social Networks

Connecting your social networks to your account allows you to share content you find within Triberr to your network of followers.  It’s the basis of how Triberr can help to increase the reach of your posts and what others will do with your content if they find it useful.  Connecting your account will also display your Social Network accounts on your Triberr profile.

For a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this, here is a link to an articles to connect your social accounts: How to Connect Social Accounts

Step 2: Add Your Content 

Under “My Content” tab – add your blog rss feed or connect your Youtube Channel to import your content for increased visibility (this will introduce people to your content and give them an opportunity to share.  

For a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this, here is a link to an article that details on how to attach your blog: How Do I Add My Blog to Triberr

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

Update your description and other information to help other potential Tribemates learn more about you by going into the Account->Settings Option.  Additional information on how to complete your profile is detailed here: Complete Profile Guide.

Step 4: Start Joining Tribes

Once you’ve set up your social accounts, your profile, and your own blog, you’re ready to start interacting with other Triberr members using Tribes!  Go out and explore and find the Tribe that’s right for you. 

The basic concept is you are connecting with real content creators who share the same interests as you. The more tribes you join the greater your ability to be seen and of course get more content shares from other tribemates.

To evaluate a tribe you can first become a follower (you can view and share the content of a tribe) and if you’re interested in sharing your content you can apply to become a member.  Once you’re a member, your content will be imported into the tribe for other members to share! 

For more information, here’s a more in-depth tutorial about Tribes: Introduction to Tribes.

Step 5: Create Your Own Tribe

If you can’t find the right niche Tribe for you or you just want to start to grow a network of influencers you can call your own, you can create your own tribe!  Here’s an in-depth tutorial on How to Create a Tribe.

Step 6: Promote Your Awesome Content

Taking a step further you can also promote your content on Triberr using our Promote Post feature, which will push your posts towards the top of related Tribe member’s streams. To learn more about promoted posts you can visit this Promote Your Post Guide.

Step 7: Add Your Favorite Feeds and Social Sources To Curate

To keep yourself in the loop from content sources across the web to find new content for your followers and tribemates, you can use Triberr Curate.  Curate helps you create custom sharing streams for nearly every source imaginable (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, IG, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS sources, Triberr Categories, People you follow on Triberr).

You can create complex sharing groups or simply share to all your social accounts. If you’re searching for a method to post more high quality content while not having to create it all yourself Curate is a great solution for you.

More information can be found in our Guide to Triberr Curate.

Step 8: Share Content to your Followers via the Queue

Once you’re connected to other members, you should start sharing your content to your own followers!  Here’s a guide that tells you about the Triberr Queue: An Introduction to Triberr Queue.

Things to Keep in Mind

Triberr is an extremely robust tool. However, keeping it simple is important so here are 3 basic concepts that will help you avoid information overload

1. Tribes helps you build more influencer online through content sharing and engagement. The more you engage (i.e. comment on posts, ask to be a part of a tribe, share posts from Tribemates, etc.) the more you grow.

2. Promote showcases / features your content to influencers who are looking for quality posts to share.

3. Promotions amplify your content’s visibility by placing your posts at the top of influencer sharing streams.


Thanks very much and we really hope you enjoy using Triberr!

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