Introduction To Triberr Queue

What is Triberr Queue

Triberr’s queue is a living record of all your scheduled and sent posts on Triberr. The video below briefly describes what the queue is.

Sections in Triberr Queue

The Queue contains two different sections. The first section is entitled “Queue” and the section is entitled “Sent Posts”


This section of the queue displays posts that are scheduled to be sent. In this section of the queue you can organize these scheduled post in ascending or descending order. You can also organize them by Tribes as well.

The blue container beneath ordering options contains the total number of posts in your queue that are scheduled. Additionally, if you need to empty the entire queue and start fresh you can select the empty queue button. Alternatively, you can unschedule individual posts by click on the unschedule option.

Beneath the description of each scheduled post you will also see the approximate time at which the post will be sent and to which social network it will be sent to.

Sent Posts

Sent posts contains many of the same elements included in my queue. The major differences are that posts in “sent posts” have already been sent to your connected social networks. Consequently, they cannot be edited or deleted from your queue. However, you can decide to reshare and already sent post at any given time. To reshare a post click on the red button entitled “Reshare” and the post will be added to your queue.

Queue Settings Global and Tribal Streams

The queue is an integral part of Triberr’s system. Essentially, every item scheduled in Triberr is managed by the queue. To ensure your queue functions properly you’ll need to understand a few nuances. Triberr unlike many other marketing platforms allows you to create multiple custom sharing groups.

1. Global Sharing Group (On Home Stream)

2. Custom Sharing Group Per Tribe

To ensure the queue works to it’s fullest potential follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to settings and then click the “My Social Network tabs”
  2. Connect all your social accounts that you want to share items to
  3. Set the frequency or rate that you’d like to share to these social networks

Then select Tribes assigned located in the same tab

Beneath each Tribe title you’ll see your connected social accounts. You can assign different social networks to each tribe. This way when you add an item to queue from the global stream Triberr’s queue will know exactly where to send scheduled posts. When you have multiple social media accounts connected this feature is extremely useful.

Please note: When you share from the global stream “Stream” page Triberr’s queue will send the items to your preferred Twitter account and all other attached social accounts. When you share from within a Tribal stream Triberr will follow the conditions you’ve specified in assigned tribes.

Queue Settings Curate Streams

As stated earlier, the Queue is an important part of Triberr. The queue also works with Triberr curate. The concept is similar to how Tribes function with a few variations. Within curate you can create custom sharing settings for each content group. To access Content group settings click settings at the bottom left hand corner on the page.

Example of custom sharing settings works:

In curate I created a content group entitled “Content Marketing Tips” to access the sharing settings I click on the group. Then beneath social accounts I can select or deselect social accounts I’d like to share content in this group to.

Now, whenever I share an item from “Content Marketing Tips” Triberr’s queue will only send the post to networks I’ve selected. You can create many different content groups and sharing settings.  Interested in learning more about Curate view our introduction to Curate help documentation.

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