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What is a promoted post on Triberr?

A promoted post on Triberr is a feature that allows Triberr members to promote a post to their followers, tribes, and members of other relevant tribes. The promote post feature is available to all Triberr members, both free and premium. You can promote posts imported by you, imported by other tribemates, or external post links.

Promote Post purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Post performance is based on a variety of factors including the quality of your content, its subject matter, your website, and your followers, and therefore Triberr cannot guarantee results.

Quick Overview of Promote Post Enhancements

  • Two Promote Post Options
    • Basic Boost

      The basic boost post is a regular promoted post. A basic boost will display the promoted post in the stream of Triberr members who follow you or Tribemates who are members and followers in a Tribe you are a member of.

    • Tribe Boost

      The Tribe is an amplified promotion. A Tribe boost will also display the promoted post in the stream of Triberr members who follow you as well as in the Tribes relevant to the post’s category. For example if the category of your post is “Business” this promoted post will display in the Tribe activity of Tribes with a business category.

  • Can Import Internal and External Links
  • Promotion Duration Period: 5 Days
  • Can promote your posts and other tribemates posts
  • Posts that are actively being promoted cannot be promoted until the promotion expires
  • Stripe and Paypal options available

You can promote a post on Triberr using the following methods.

There are currently two methods you can use to promote posts on Triberr. The first method is to select the “Promote” link located at the bottom of each post located in your tribal stream, on your profile, or on another member’s profile. The image below displays the location of the promote post link.

The second method you can use to promote a post is the promote post page located in the top navigation menu. This method will allow you to promote posts or articles that are not currently imported into Triberr’s system. The image below displays the Promote post page accessible via your primary navigation menu.

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