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How do I login to Triberr?

  • With your emailNavigate to Triberr.com/login then select the link “Trouble Logging In”. After selecting the link you’ll be prompted to enter your email address. Enter the email address used during registration. In a few minutes you will receive a login link via email. Click on the link in the email you received and you will be logged into Triberr. We DO NOT use passwords for email login, but rather send you an email each time a login link is requested.
  • With Twitter. Make sure you’re signed in to your Twitter.com account. Then navigate to Triberr.com/login. Select the Sign In Via Twitter Button. Complete the login authorization.
  • With Facebook. Make sure you’re signed in to your account at Facebook.com. Then navigate to Triberr.com/login. Select the Sign In Via Facebook Button. Complete the login authorization.
  • With LinkedIn. Make sure you are signed in to your LinkedIn account. Then navigate to Triberr.com/login. Select the Sign In Via LinkedIn Button. Complete the login authorizaton.

Q: Will you ever post to Twitter, Facebook, or Google without my permission?
A: Nope! Never will do such a thing.

Q: Will new connections I make on Twitter or Facebook be reflected on my Triberr account?

Q: If I’ve already created a Triberr account by signing up with email, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, what will happen if I try to sign in with another?
A: You should only have a Triberr account. Members can connect multiple social networks onto a single account. This avoid duplicate accounts across Triberr and makes it easier for you to manage.

Q: If I use the same email address on Twitter, Facebook, and Google, will you connect my Triberr account to those networks?
A: No, members must authorize all social network accounts connection whether or not each social network uses the same email address. Triberr always requires your permission before connecting a social account.

Q: If I signed up with Facebook, can I later link my Twitter account, and vice-versa?
A: Yes. Go to your settings page to connect any remaining networks. After you connect, we’ll import your connections from that social network.

Q: If I signed up with Facebook or Twitter, can I later disconnect the link between that account and my Triberr account?
A: Yes. You can disconnect all other social networks from your settings page. The Triberr follow lists generated from previously connected social accounts will remain, and you can log in with email going forward.

Last Updated: 25 days ago

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