The right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe

Deprecated Features

Atomic tribes (sometimes known as Automatic Tribes) are a special kind of tribe owned by Triberr premium members (aka Primes) where only the Chief’s content […]

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How do I assign my social networks to my blog?

Account Settings

Every tribe needs a blog, and a social network assigned to it. You can assign 1 blog, and 1 of each social network (meaning 1 […]

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How do I promote a tribe follower to a member?


A tribe will typically have many followers, and only a handful of members. To become a member, the Chief must either send you a tribe […]

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What are tribe followers?

Basics, Tribes

A tribe consists of both members and followers. Members share their tribemates content, and their content is shared by their tribemates. In order to become […]

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