What are approved posts or the Queue?

The flow of a post through Triberr is as follows:

  1. Join a tribe
  2. When a member of your tribe posts on their blog, Triberr will import the post and will show it to you in your Tribal Stream
  3. Click “Add to Queue” on the posts you want to share across your social networks
  4. The “Approved” posts has been renamed as “Queue”, however the previous tab named “Approved” still exists. In future, it will be completed removed and the Queue will be the default method to view what’s being shared from your account to the social networks.
  5. Once a post has been published to the social network, it is removed from the Queue, and placed into the Sent stream

As of November 2016, we created a new tab titled “QUEUE” though it is exactly the same as the pre-existing “Approved” posts tab in your stream. Our future development roadmap is to enhance the Queue to be more robust to allow not only more social accounts but also multiple schedules to control the sharing frequency.

Here’s a video explaining the Approved posts:

Here’s another video explaining the Approved posts:

Learn more about Memberships here:


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