What are Tribes?

Tribes are groups of bloggers formed around a common interest, shared values, location, posting frequency, event, etc.

Examples of common interest tribes, are tribes built around a specific subject, topic, or a niche. For example:

  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Gardening
  • Pets
  • etc.

Examples of shared values are tribes built around a specific set of core values. For example:

  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • Environmentalism
  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • etc.

Examples of a tribe built around a location is a Tucson Bloggers tribe, which includes bloggers from many subject areas (food, marketing, real estate, etc.), all of which are focused strictly on one location. In this case, Tucson.

Example of a tribe built around posting frequency is when everyone in the tribe posts once per week. Bringing someone who posts several times per day would create a sharing imbalance in this tribe.

Example of a tribe built around an event is bringing everyone you meet at a specific event into a tribe built specifically to stay in touch (in a meaningful way) with bloggers from that event. Example, My Denver Tribe consists of amazing people I met at an event in Denver.

The purpose of a tribe is to connect, support and share content with other bloggers.

For example, if I write about business on my blog, chances are I have a lot in common with other bloggers who write about business. I’ll probably enjoy reading their content as much as they will enjoy reading mine.

Once you create or join a tribe, Triberr will monitor the blogs of your tribemates for new posts. When it finds one, it will show that post in your Tribal Stream. From there, you can easily read or share that post with your social networks.

Likewise, when post on your blog, Triberr will show that post to your tribemates so they can read, comment and share with their followers. The mutual reading, commenting, sharing and supporting increases everyone’s exposure and reach in the tribe.


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