What are vanity URLs?

Vanity URLs allow you to create a custom URL for your profile.

For example, your current profile URL on Triberr may be something long and complicated like:


a vanity URL could be something much shorter and cleaner like:


Both URLs would show to the same content, but the vanity URL is much easier to remember and share.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When can I claim my vanity URL?

A) All members can claim their URL on Monday, July 22nd. Prime members will have exclusive early access starting today.

Q) How do I claim my vanity URL?

A) Click the “Account” drop down at the top right hand corner of your logged in Triberr page. On that drop down, click “Settings”.

In the default, “Profile” tab, edit the second form field entitled, “username”. After you choose your desired name, save your changes.


To use your new vanity URL, just type in your browser, http://triberr.com/username



Q) Are there any restrictions as to what my username can be?
A) Yes. Usernames can be up to 32 characters long. They can contain letters and “.”. So for example, “dancristo” and “dan.cristo” are both fine. However, they cannot contain numbers, spaces or special characters.

Q) What if someone else has my username?
A) Usernames come on a first come, first serve basis. If your desired username is taken, you won’t be able to use it.

Q) Can I change my username later?
A) Yes. You can change your username at any time. Just keep in mind that once you change it, it becomes available for someone else to use.

Q) How come Prime members get to choose their name earlier than everyone else?
A) One of the unspoken perks to Prime membership is sneak previews and early access to new features. We do this as both a thank you for supporting Triberr, as well as a feedback mechanism before major features are rolled out to the world. They also get free Triberr gear.

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