What do I do if the hover approve button or infinite scroll doesn’t work?

If you prefer to approve posts in your Tribal Stream with a “click” instead of hovering to approve, you can now enable this in the Tribal Stream settings.

1. Click the “Settings” button on the Tribal Stream page


2. Select the option to approve with click

how to approve posts on triberr


3. Save your settings

Here is an example of the “click to approve” buttons:


Here is an example of the “hover to approve” buttons:Screen-Shot-2013-03-25-at-11.09.20-PM


Note: With the “hover to approve” interface, you can load more posts by scrolling to the bottom of the page. With the “click to approve” interface you can load more posts by clicking the “Load More” button.

You cannot mix and match the two, meaning you cannot use “click to approve” buttons and infinite scrolling.



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