What does “Awaiting Approval” mean?

what does awaiting approval mean

Every time you share a post from your tribal stream by hovering over the little green box, you are approving that post to be shared across your social channels (Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else you’ve added to your profile).

The same is true of your tribemates.

Whenever Triberr imports your latest post, that post appears in all of your tribemate’s streams. In order for the post to be shared across your tribemate’s social channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), your tribemates must approve your post (hover over the little green box to share).

Awaiting Approval means that your tribemates haven’t scheduled your post for sharing yet. There is no action that needs to be taken other than to share their posts, which will then bring your post into their view via Affinity algorithm.

Last Updated: 17 days ago

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