What does, “Exceeds Max Approvals” mean?

The, “Exceeds Max Approvals” lets you know that you have approved the maximum number of posts at one time.

In the follow image you can see that I have used 2 out of my 100 approvals. The 100 number represents the total number of posts I can approve at once, not the number of posts in my stream.


The maximum number of posts you can approve at once time depends on your membership level.

Free members can approve up to 100 posts at a time

Prime Lite members can approve up to 120 posts at a time

Prime members can approve up to 140 posts at a time

As soon as one of your posts is sent, it frees up another approval slot. You can change your sharing frequency in your Tribal Stream settings.


Learn more about Memberships here


Last Updated: 19 days ago

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