What is a Triberr Follower

Following Someone on Triberr

Following someone on Triberr allows you to also follow their content updates. Whenever someone you follow publishes a post you will be able to view their posts in Triberr Curate.

To follow someone on Triberr visit their profile page. Then click on the follow button (see image below)

follow someone on Triberr


Once you follow a member his / her newly published posts will appear in Curate under “Users I follow”.  To add the item to queue for sharing simply click on the members post and add the item to queue. *please note content shared in this group will be shared to your connected accounts. You can also share items to individual networks by using the manual share options below the add to queue button*

users I follow in triberr curate

Autoshare is now a Deprecated feature

In light of recent Twitter updates autoshare is now a deprecated feature. Please read this update by our CEO for more information on why this decision was made you can read the blog post here – > Twitter Policy Update and Triberr 

If you previously had members on autoshare you can now share their updates directly from curate. We’ve taken the liberty of adding the tribemates you have on autoshare into “People I follow” to make it easier for you to find and share trusted content.

Last Updated: 09 days ago

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