What is an Automatic Tribe?

What is an Automatic Tribe?

An Automatic (previously Atomic) tribe is one in which the followers automatically share the content of the Chief.

How is an Automatic Tribe different than a Standard Tribe?

In a Standard Tribe, all members see and can share each others content. In an Automatic Tribe, the Chief is the only person who has their content seen or shared.

Why would one want to join an Automatic Tribe

Followers of Automatic Tribe’s receive an email whenever the Chief posts making sure they never miss a post. They also save time by sharing the Chief’s posts automatically with their connected social media networks.

Can a follower turn off Auto-sharing and still stay in an Automatic Tribe?

The Chief has the option to allow members to manually share their content, or to limit membership only to those who will auto-share content.

How do I leave an Automatic Tribe?

You can leave any tribe, including Automatic Tribes, by going to the tribe page, then clicking “Leave Tribe”. If you leave a tribe, make sure you go to the “Tribemates” page in the left navigation, and make sure the Chief is not on auto-share mode in any other tribes. Once you join an Automatic Tribe, you place the Chief in auto-mode in all shared tribes.

How do I tell if I am in an Automatic Tribe

The tribe page will say either “Automatic” or “Atomic” under the Tribe Type section.

How do I get an Automatic Tribe of my own?

Automatic Tribes are only available to Prime Members


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