Why is my post marked as “failed”?

In order to keep tribe activity balanced, there is a maximum number of posts you can share with your tribes each week.

Tribe Limits:

Free Members – 14 posts every 7 days

Prime Lite – 28 posts every 7 days

Prime – 49 posts every 7 days


If you have imported more posts than your membership level allows, those additional posts will be marked as “failed”



How do I reactivate failed posts?

If you are a free or Prime Lite member, you can upgrade your membership level then click the “retry” button next to your post.

If you are already a Prime member, or you are unable to upgrade your membership, you’ll need to wait a day until you fall under the threshold.

When does the 7 day import threshold reset?

The threshold works on a rolling 7 days. That means when the system tries to schedule your post for sharing it takes the current time, then looks back over the last 7 days to see how many posts you have imported and shared. If the number of posts imported exceeds the threshold for your membership level the post fails to schedule.




Last Updated: 19 days ago

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