Why Isn’t My Post Sending?

Here is the lifecycle of a post within Triberr.

  1. Triberr imports a post either by crawling an RSS feed or through the Triberr WordPress Plugin
  2. The post sits in the “My Posts” page until it is ready to be scheduled. Scheduling for new posts runs every 5 minutes
  3. Triberr looks for new posts added to the database within the last 5 minutes. If it finds one, it looks at each tribe the blog is connected to, and creates tweets for each tribemate
  4. Created tweets are given a tentative schedule date for some time in the near future. If the tribemate has you on auto, the tentative send date will be used. If they have you on manual, that tentative date will be rescheduled based on when they approve the tweet to send


Reasons a post is not sent

Status Code: New
If the blog this post was imported from is not assigned to any tribes, the post will remain as “new”.

Status Code: Scheduling Fail
There are two reasons why a scheduling fail my occur.

  1. A duplicate tweet has been found in the database, so this one failed to schedule
  2. This post was imported from a blog that IS assigned to a tribe, but that tribe does not have any tribemates to schedule them for. It’s assigned to your own tribe that doesn’t have anyone else in it, or it’s assigned to a tribe where everyone has left or become inactive.

The best way to resolve #2 is to assign to the blog the post was imported from to other tribes, or invite others into your tribe.

Reasons a post is not shared

Status Code: Waiting Approval
Your post is sitting in the Tribal Stream of your tribemates waiting for them to approve the post for sharing.

Status Code: Not Shared
Your tribemate has either deleted your post from their Tribal Stream, or they’ve waiting too log to approve (over 5 days) and the post is no longer in their stream. Your tribemate may have also approved a post, but there was an error sending to their social networks.


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